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The theories of the movements of the early twentieth century on the male Männerbund and the origin of the State

7 Adolf Koch , Leipzig 1929

In the final decades of the nineteenth century, a movement was spawned that had a profound influence on German history.  A group of young boys in a high school in Steglitz (now a part of Berlin) enjoyed walking out into the surrounding countryside and forests of the region. From this simple fun is formed not only a group, but also a form of youthful rebellion against the adult world, against the petty-bourgeois mentality of their parents, against the urban civilization and also against the normal life of their young peers. This group was called “Wandervogel” (migratory bird). A song sung by Wandervögel, we can clarify the main sentiment:

“Out of town walls gray

walk in the woods and in the country;

who wants to go to hell –

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